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  • VOC Emissions Automotive Industry
  • VOC Emissions Automotive Industry
  • VOC Emissions Automotive Industry
  • VOC Emissions Automotive Industry


Transforming the Automotive Industry


The United States has one of the largest automotive markets in the world! Many of today's air pollution control system designs began here. Add the extensive network of Tier 1-2-3 supply chain manufacturers, this industry produces larger air volumes and routinely applies a variety of solvent species across many different processes.  In order to expertly serve this particular market one must have a keen understanding of the manufacturing system operations. The abatement technology must meet the needs of today’s automotive industry and have the highest uptime reliability or face potentially costly supply disruption covenants. 

Applications Within The Automotive Market Segments Can Include:

  • Auto paint spray operationsCPI Automotive Paint Shop RTO 60,000 SCFM
  • Engine testing facilities
  • Surface coating
  • Composite and carbon fiber manufacturing
  • Tire and rubber curing
  • Parts heat treating and curing
  • For additional segments in the Automotive Industry contact:
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Equipment Solutions:


QUADRANT Series Thermal Oxidizers

VECTOR Catalytic Oxidizers, RCS Concentrators

Energy Conservation Systems as well as Repairs and Retrofits of existing equipment.

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  • Lower operational costs
  • Archive energy optimization 
  • Increase equipment longevity 


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