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Aftermarket Services

CPI's Single Source Commitment

Emphasizing our single source commitment for every customer is the underlying attitude within Catalytic Products International’s Maintenance and Services Group. No one understands better that air pollution control equipment is a necessary component of today's manufacturing and process industries, and that when the equipment is not operating or it's not operating efficiently, your profitability is at stake.


Catalyst Products

Custom catalysts and catalyst retrofit systems and services for VOC, CO, and NOx. Includes METAC precious metal catalysts and ceramic supported catalyst products


Repair, Retrofit and Rebuild Services

Thermal Oxidizers operate under severe conditions. Many times, a systems useful life can be improved with insulation or heat exchanger repairs. In some cases complete retrofits can improve safety and lower operating costs.


RTO Rebuilds and Media Change

RTO maintenance is important for VOC performance and minimized operating cost. Valve re-builds and media changes can be required with age and in severe applications.


Combustion Upgrades and Optimization

Certain areas of the country have new more stringent regulations for NOx and CO emissions. Lowering one can have an increasing affect on the other. CPI has the experience to upgrade your combustion system to meet any NOx or CO emission need.


A dedicated team offering numerous after-sale services to help keep you compliant and profitable.

On-Site Services through our local service network

  • 24-hr Emergency Service
  • Preventative maintenance programs and contracts
  • Remote diagnostics and technical support

Spare Part Inventory Management

  • Revolving inventory of common parts
  • Inventory management programs

Installation, Commissioning, Training Services

  • Turnkey installation services
  • Professional training and support for your team

Process and equipment optimization audits

  • Measurement and analysis of the process and oxidizer performance

Catalyst Services

  • Testing evaluations
  • Cleaning and reactivation

Servicing all makes, models, and types of air pollution control

  • Over 200 years of combined experience at work for you
  • Expertise across a wide range of equipment types
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