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Thermal Combustor System

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Thermal Combustor System


The Thermal Combustor System is a market-driven answer to a unique set of vapor combustion air pollution control questions. Highly concentrated vent gas emissions are common within the natural gas processing and production, petrochemical, and chemical processing industries. These emissions are commonly low in volume, but very high in concentration. Historically, answers to these emissions challenges have included inefficient and dangerous open flame flare technology.

Open flares have been applied as process vent control devices. Recent EPA challenges are disqualifying open flares as allowable control devices while the visible flame creates safety issues for many plants and may create objection from neighbors.

For these reasons, Enclosed Flares have been developed to provide a means to combust high BTU (usually >300 BTU/scf).

The Thermal Combustor System is a much safer, more efficient, and more versatile abatement technology that is guaranteed to meet your air pollution needs. It is designed to safely burn or combust hydrocarbon vapor mixtures that have varying energy content where enclose flares may fail. It combines the simplicity of an Enclosed Flare with the robustness and proven performance of a thermal oxidizer. It is widely flexible and con confidently handle the vent gas, which may or may not be within the flammable range. It provides an extraordinary level of safety, when compared to traditional flaring systems.

Our 46 year history of emissions abatement system design and manufacturing provides you comfort in knowing you have a safe and reliable system. It is custom-designed for your specific process and can include forced draft or a normally drafted system, along with a full complement of auxiliary devices to aid in performance and safety.