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Rising energy costs effect your bottom line. You don’t have to be a CFO to understand that energy costs are high and show little sign of relief these days. To combat the rising cost of natural gas, many companies that operate air pollution control systems are beginning to look at methods that economically recover heat for use somewhere else in their manufacturing operations.

Catalytic Products International manufactures and installs custom designed air-to-air heat exchanger products for the following applications:

  • Primary heat recovery on air pollution control systems such as thermal oxidizers and catalytic oxidizers.
  • Secondary heat recovery on air pollution control systems or other high temperature process equipment
  • Retrofit/Replace damaged heat exchangers with new equipment Repair damaged heat exchangers
  • Pre-coolers for baghouses or other devices requiring low air temperatures
  • OEM applications for air-to-air heating and air-to-air cooling

Our extensive knowledge and experience has allowed us to also become a leading supplier of custom heat exchanger systems. The heat exchanger products we design and manufacture include:

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers:

Catalytic Products International manufactures a revolutionary shell and tube heat exchanger. The Floating Tube Heat Exchanger is standard equipment in our QUADRANT Series Thermal Oxidizers and has found success in other heat recovery applications. The Floating Tube Heat Exchanger is unlike any other shell and tube heat exchanger available today. It is specially designed to be completely stress-free to promote longer equipment life and virtually no maintenance. Special designs are available for particulate laddened air streams.

Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers:

Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers (commonly referred to as Plate Heat Exchangers) are an alternate type of heat exchanger system. These systems are commonly used in the same type of applications, but find popularity in lower temperature and lower pressure service. Plate Heat Exchangers generally provide higher thermal rate efficiencies than shell and tube heat exchangers.

Catalytic Products International has developed several plate envelope patterns, all designed to maximize your specific application.

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