The CPI project management team brings strong experience in working with qualified, licensed contractors to provide the following turnkey installation services for Thermal Oxidizers, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, and Catalytic Oxidizers:

  • Mechanical Installation / RiggingCPI Aerospace Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Install
  • Electrical Installation
  • Ductwork Design (Internal and external)
  • Ductwork Installation
  • Exhaust Stack Modifications
  • Permanent Total Enclosures (PTE) for VOC capture
  • Controls Design, Supply, and I/O
  • System Integration 
  • Process Tie In - Add additional processes
  • System Startup and Balancing
CPI can also provide engineering services, drawings, and support for the complete installation of your VOC abatement system.  This service is offered as a technique to helping you secure a professionally engineered installation package for use with local mechanical and electrical contractors. 


The Engineering Package will include CPI Flexographic Printing RTO Ductwork editon-site plant engineering services and in-office engineering will be provided as necessary to develop a complete engineering package.

Detailed engineering will include:

  • Ductwork design details and layout
  • Damper design details and layout
  • Utility requirements including complete wire pull diagram for local electrician’s installation

CPI will act as a liaison with the selected contractors to answer questions and insure compliance with the provided bid specifications.

CPI RTO Exhaust Stack InstallCPI guarantees that the installation of the ductwork and associated components necessary for a complete installation will not adversely affect the desired performance of the CPI air pollution control system.

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