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Air Pollution Reduction and Savings Calculator

Calculating ROI these days is no longer as simple as using costs and savings to determine a payback period on your capital investment. Today, greenhouse gas reporting has changed the picture quite a bit. Not only do you need to consider the capital cost of an investment, but also its effect on your carbon footprint. Use this calculator to determine the return on the investment of a new or replacement Air Pollution Control System or Energy Recovery System, both in terms of financial savings and Greenhouse Gas Emission reductions.

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BTU/Hour - savings potential of the heat recovery or air pollution control device.
$$/MM Btu ($10.00 is default) - insert the cost of your fuel
$$ - provide an estimate of the installed cost of your heat recovery or APC device
(Results are shown below, based on the data provided above.)

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions

Greenhouse Gas NameEmission Reduction (tpy)CO2e Emission Reduction (tpy)
Carbon Dioxide
Nitrous Oxide

Savings and Return On Investment


The methodology used to calculate the GHG savings follows EPA guidelines, as established in EPA's "Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule" (40 CFR, Part 98).

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