The Catalyst is an essential component of a Catalytic Oxidizer (CatOx), so ensuring that it is functioning properly is crucial for keeping your emissions within EPA standards. With annual catalyst testing, the life of your catalyst can be predicted with good accuracy. In some instances, tests will find a noticeable decrease in temperature rise, which can be directly proportional to a drop in the destruction efficiency. From experience, this often occurs between 30,000 and 50,000 operating hours, depending on a variety of factors.

The life of a catalyst is dependent on the type of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the amount and type of inorganic masking agents present, the number of times the catalyst has been cleaned, and the oxidizer's operating temperature. Typical catalyst masking agents are silicon, phosphorous, and base metals such as iron, lead, nickel, chrome, tin, and titanium.

The performance of the catalyst depends on how well the catalyst is maintained during its operational life. Let's look at how you can keep your catalyst properly maintained.  CPI offers a broad range of laboratory testing services as well as field services, including the following:

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Catalyst Activity Testing

Activity Testing by gas chromatograph and flame ionization detector (FID) to measure the samples destruction efficiencies

  • B.E.T. Surface Area via Nitrogen Physisorption
  • Precious Metal Dispersion via Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Chemisorptions
  • Pore characterization

Catalyst Contamination Testing

 X-Ray Fluorescence

Catalyst Cleaning & Regeneration

CPI can provide chemical cleaning and catalyst rejuvenation services for our own catalysts or other manufacturer's catalysts. Constant use, time, masking agents, dust and dirt, improper shutdown and irregular maintenance can all contribute to your catalyst losing performance. Accumulated particulate and masking agents can render a catalyst ineffective. Often such catalysts can be cleaned rather than be replaced. Let Catalytic Products International, Inc. assist you with an evaluation and an analysis of your cleaning options.


Catalytic Oxidizer Evaluation


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