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CPI offers a broad range of laboratory testing services as well as field services. Let CPI assist you at keeping your catalyst system in optimal performance.

Our Development and Engineering Department is ready to assist you with a variety of laboratory services such as:


Catalyst Activity Testing

Activity Testing by gas chromatograph and flame ionization detector (FID) to measure the samples destruction efficiencies

  • B.E.T. Surface Area via Nitrogen Physisorption
  • Precious Metal Dispersion via Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Chemisorptions
  • Pore characterization
  • X-Ray Fluorescence

Our Production Department is ready to assist you with Cleaning and Rejuvenation.

  • We can provide chemical cleaning and catalyst rejuvenation services for our own catalysts or other manufacturer's catalysts. Constant use, time, masking agents, dust and dirt, improper shutdown and irregular maintenance can all contribute to your catalyst losing performance. Accumulated particulate and masking agents can render a catalyst ineffective. Often such catalysts can be cleaned rather than be replaced. Let Catalytic Products International, Inc. assist you with an evaluation and an analysis of your cleaning options.

Our Field Service Staff is ready to assist you with all field related catalyst services.

  • Consider Catalytic Products International, Inc. Field Service Technician’s when you have any questions relating to catalyst or catalytic oxidizers.