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Heat Exchangers

CPI custom designs and manufactures a variety of heat exchanger products. Heat exchangers have been a primary component of our recuperative thermal oxidizers and our catalytic oxidizers for over 45 years. An extension of this expertise has allowed CPI to become one of the leading suppliers of custom heat exchangers for process recovery solutions. Our heat exchanger primary focus is in the air-to-air medium, with an emphasis on Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers and Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers. We maintain an ASME Pressure Vessel Code rated facility that allows us the ability to design to ASME standards and provide the appropriate stamp when required. With this capability, we also design and manufacture air-to-fluid heating solutions such as; water, glycol, and oil recuperators.

In most applications, we apply our knowledge and expertise to design and deliver an air-to-air heat exchanger for the following applications:

  • New Catalytic or Thermal Oxidation Systems
  • Retrofit and Replacement of existing heat exchangers
  • Energy Conservation Systems
  • OEM Heat Recovery Solutions
  • Indirect Heating Systems

All of these solutions are part of our commitment to Energy Conservation. With the promulgation of new worldwide and EPA Green House Gas rules, Energy Conservation is a logical step to meet these requirements. CPI has the expertise to assist with analysis of the most cost-effective energy conservation technique, review of total installed costs, and calculation of the expected return on investment.

Floating Tube Heat Exchanger Floating Tube Heat Exchanger
CPI manufactures a revolutionary shell and tube heat exchanger. The FLOATING TUBE HEAT EXCHANGER is standard equipment in our QUADRANT SR and SRS Series Thermal Oxidizer's and has found success in other heat recovery applications. The FLOATING TUBE HEAT EXCHANGER is unlike any shell and tube heat exchanger. It is specially designed to be completely stress-free to promote longer equipment life and virtually no maintenance. Special designs are available for particulate air streams, corrosive applications, high temperatures, and high pressures.

Fluid Heating Heat Exchanger Fluid Heating Heat Exchanger
CPI has expanded upon our success of our shell and tube heat exchangers and plate and frame heat exchanger by developing expertise with several fluid heating mediums. Many applications can benefit from the use of additional heat recovery techniques. In many cases, fluid heating systems represent very efficient recovery methods. Catalytic Products International, Inc. has nearly 45 years of heat recovery expertise.

Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger
CPI has expanded the success of our FLOATING TUBE HEAT EXCHANGER towards the development of our Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger. The Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger's we design and manufacture are robust models that routinely see high-temperature service. These systems can provide high thermal rate efficiency in typically smaller footprints than shell and tube counterparts.