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Catalytic Products International specializes in the design and development of catalytic oxidizers that efficiently destroy VOCs and other air toxics. CPI calls on almost 50 years catalyst manufacturing expertise to apply the right catalyst chemistry to your air pollution control needs.

Catalytic Oxidizers are an ideal technology, used across many applications and for many different pollutants. Though each oxidizer built is custom-designed to your specific requirements, we begin with one of the three basic models:

  1. The VECTOR Catalytic Oxidizer is designed to handle most typical applications involving HAPS and VOCs.
  2. The VANGUARD Ammonia Removal System can treat either liquid waste or air borne pollutants with very low conversion of un-wanted oxides of nitrogen byproducts.
  3. The CONCORD CONOx (CO/NOx) Abatement System is custom-engineered efficiently destroy both NOx and CO in one compact package.
VECTOR Catalytic Oxidizers

VECTOR Catalytic Oxidizers

The VECTOR Series Catalytic Oxidizer is designed to treat hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds (VOC), hazardous air pollutants (HAP), noxious and odorous   emissions. No other manufacturer offers...


VECTOR-e Series

The VECTOR-e series is based on the success of our VECTOR System with the use of an electric heating system – rather than a gas combustion system. Electric heated systems are used in a variety of...


VECTOR NR Non-Recuperative Series

The VECTOR-NR series is designed to treat hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds (VOC), hazardous air pollutants (HAP), noxious and odorous   emissions. The system is a low-cost catalytic oxidizer...


VANGUARD Ammonia Abatement System

VANGUARD Ammonia Abatement Systems are designed to remove ammonia from either a liquid waste stream or from a vapor exhaust. At the heart of the VANGUARD System is our unique catalytic treatment...


CONCORD CO & NOX Abatement System

CONCORD CONOx Abatement Systems are custom engineered NOx and CO abatement system in one modular package. The CONCORD is a unique abatement device designed as a combined selective catalytic reduction...

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