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catalytic oxidizer

VECTOR 1e Catalytic Oxidizer

This Pre-owned VECTOR 1e Catalytic Oxidizer has NEVER BEEN COMMISSIONED! This all-electric model is designed to handle up to 1000 scfm, and requires no natural gas! Call CPI for an estimate today!

catalytic oxidizer

VECTOR 4,000 Catalytic Oxidizer

This Pre-owned VECTOR 4 is ready for your application! With a capacity of 4,000 scfm and a heat exchanger that can attain up to 67% thermal efficiency, this unit will provide 95% Destruction Rate...

heat exchanger

6.60 FLOATING TUBE Heat Exchanger

We have available one of our revolutionary FLOATING TUBE Heat Exchangers. This unit is capable of handling up to 6,000 scfm, and delivers a 60% thermal efficiency. It was designed to be mounted on...

thermal oxidizer

QUADRANT SR 25,000 Series Thermal Oxidizer

The QUADRANT SR-Series Thermal Oxidizer is unlike any traditional thermal oxidizer. The system employees numerous features that have been developed and improved upon for over three generations. The...


QUADRANT NR 10,000 Series Thermal Oxidizer

A Pre-owned QUADRANT Series Thermal Oxidizer is available for your application. This is one of the most simple and direct technologies we offer, and is available for significantly less than a new...

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