Pre-Owned Equipment can offer many benefits compared to new equipment:

  • Cost Savings: One of the most significant benefits of buying pre-owned equipment is the cost savings compared to purchasing brand new units.
  • Shorter Lead Time: While new equipment requires fabrication time, pre-owned catalytic or thermal oxidizers can be readily available for immediate purchase.
  • Proven Performance: Pre-owned catalytic or thermal oxidizers often have a history of operation, providing buyers with insights into their performance and reliability. This information can be valuable in assessing the suitability of the equipment for specific applications and ensuring that it meets operational requirements.

IIt is essential to be diligent when purchasing pre-owned catalytic or thermal oxidizers to ensure quality, reliability, and compatibility with operational requirements.

catalytic oxidizer

VECTOR 4,000 Catalytic Oxidizer

This Pre-owned VECTOR 4 is ready for your application! With a capacity of 4,000 scfm and a heat exchanger that can attain up to 67% thermal efficiency, this unit will provide 95% Destruction Rate...

thermal oxidizer

QUADRANT NRV Thermal Oxidizer

A Pre-owned QUADRANT NRV Series Thermal Oxidizer is available for your application. The QUADRANT NRV is sized to process up to 8.3 MMBTU/Hr of process gas. This is one of the most simple and safest...

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