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Catalytic Products International, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of high-quality air pollution control equipment. Our fume incineration systems are used in a variety of stationary source applications designed to destroy volatile organic compounds (VOC's), hazardous air pollutants (HAP's), odors, and other air toxins. 

Catalytic IncineratorsThermal IncineratorsRegenerative Thermal Incinerators 

Catalytic Products International manufactures a complete line of the thermal incinerator alternatives to complement every kind of air pollution problem. Let CPI assist you in determining which fume incinerator product is best suited to exceed your compliance needs while allowing the lowest capital and operating costs.

Fume incinerators are synonymous with other common air pollution control devices, also referred to as oxidizer, afterburner, scrubber, or vapor burner. The various types of incinerators we design and manufacture include:

Catalytic Incinerators, Thermal Incinerators, RTO - All Incinerators

Our fully staffed organization is ready to assist your needs with application engineering, turnkey installations, process integration expertise, energy conservation equipment, and maintenance services.

Our 48-year history is your assurance that the recommendations and equipment made by CPI will exceed your goals. GUARANTEED!

Please call or contact CPI for a confidential review of your air pollution control needs.

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