This Pre-Owned VECTOR 4 is ready for your application! With a capacity of 3,500 scfm and a heat exchanger that can attain up to 70% thermal efficiency, this unit will provide 95% Destruction Rate Efficiency for a low price, and at a low monthly cost as well.


Each VECTOR system is designed to allow the highest uptime reliability with minimal maintenance. The maintenance requirements will be fully described in the supplied operator manuals, and only includes normal fan maintenance, linkage tightening, and bearing lubrication. The system uses a few moving parts, and all of these parts are accessible from outside of the system. The system is clad in a weather-tight aluminum corrugate that never needs painting.

The VECTOR unit will incorporate the use of protective ceramic monolith guard bed. A built in ceramic guard bed will be installed before the PRO catalyst. The Guard Bed will remove particulates prior to entering the active layers of catalyst. The monolith catalyst provides many desirable features. The catalyst selected offers poison resistant features, low operating temperatures and long life.

  • All 304L stainless steel oxidizer construction
  • 3,500 scfm maximum capacity
  • 2:1 volumetric turndown
  • 95% VOC destruction throughout operating range, depending on application
  • All 304L Stainless Steel 70% thermally efficient Primary Heat Exchanger
  • Monolith precious metal catalyst
  • 5-inches of insulation with fully maintenance free .040” stainless steel cladding
  • Natural gas burner with combustion air blower
  • Mounted and wired FM approved natural gas train

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