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    Catalytic Products International specializes in the design and development of Thermal Oxidizers. Thermal treatment of VOC's and other air pollutants works by a mere reaction of the harmful air pollutants with oxygen and heat. In this environment, the VOC's are converted to water vapor and usable heat. These harmless by-products release into the atmosphere or use an energy recovery technique to lower the operational costs further.

    Catalytic Products International builds custom solutions to every application we address. We start with recuperative thermal oxidizer or non-recuperative thermal oxidizer, silicone resistant thermal oxidizer, or with an integrated heat exchanger, and custom engineer the system to precisely fit your application.

    Quadrant SR Series

    QUADRANT SR-Series Thermal Oxidizer

    Considered among the world's most advanced recuperative thermal oxidation systems. These specially designed and proven systems combine the basic principles of time, temperature, and turbulence to the...

    Quadrant NR Series

    QUADRANT NR-SERIES Thermal Oxidizers

    QUADRANT NR-Series Thermal Oxidizer's are considered among the world's most advanced non-recuperative thermal oxidation systems. These specially designed and proven systems combine the basic...

    Quadrant NRV Series

    QUADRANT NRV-SERIES Thermal Oxidizer

    The QUADRANT NRV Thermal Oxidizer is a market driven answer to a unique air pollution problem. Highly concentrated vent gas emissions are common among the petro-chemical , chemical processing, and...

    QUADRANT IR Series

    QUADRANT IR Series

    The QUADRANT IR-Thermal Oxidizer is CPI's market driven response for simplified air compliance solutions without sacrificing long term reliability, high performance, or uptime assurance. The QUADRANT...


    QUADRANT SRS-SERIES Thermal Oxidizer

    QUADRANT SILICONE-Series Thermal Oxidizer's QUADRANT SRS Thermal Oxidizer's are an example of Catalytic Products International's continuous improvement capabilities. The QUADRANT SRS is our answer to...

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