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QUADRANT Series Thermal Oxidizers Gallery

QUADRANT SR Thermal Oxidizer for Natural Gas Processing
The QUADRANT SR Thermal Oxidizer, used at a large midstream natural gas processing facility, saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual natural gas savings, provided a return on investment in less than two years and has 99.9% VOC and H2S removal efficiency.

QUADRANT SR Thermal Oxidizer During Factory Assembly
Each QUADRANT SR Thermal Oxidizer is custom engineered to meet exact specifications and assembled in our factory before installation. The core of the QUADRANT SR-Series Thermal Oxidizer is our proprietary floating tube primary heat exchanger. These systems are easy to install and provide high removal efficiencies at low operating costs. No other thermal recuperative oxidizer matches the reliability of the QUADRANT SR-Series Thermal Oxidizer.

QUADRANT NRV-Series Thermal Oxidizer
The QUADRANT NRV-Series Thermal Oxidizer is a safer, more efficient and versatile treatment technology for air pollution control needs. Especially in petrochemical, chemical processing and pharmaceutical industries where highly concentrated vent gas emissions are standard.

QUADRANT-NRV Thermal Oxidizers
The QUADRANT-NRV Series Thermal Oxidizer is used to convert waste into energy. Designed for use with the low-volume/high-BTU waste gas stream emitted from many landfill gas purification processes. The high-velocity burner array and tubular baffles downstream of the burner provides a destruction rate efficiency of 99.9%.

QUADRANT NRV Thermal Oxidizer
When compared to a flare system, the QUADRANT-NRV Thermal Oxidizer offers greater benefits including reduced operating costs and a DRE (destruction rate efficiency) for easier permitting. Our typical landfill thermal oxidizer system is skid-mounted and includes PLC-based controls in listed enclosure, booster fan with VFD, gas train, full instrumentation, and exhaust stack.

QUADRANT NRV Series Thermal Oxidizers
CPI helped a pharmaceutical manufacturers faced with Industry MACT Standards by providing a QUADRANT-NRV Thermal Oxidizer for over 99.9% removal of all VOC's and HAP's and a +99.9% removal of HCl gases. The thermal oxidizer incorporates a sophisticated control system that precisely monitors and controls the entire operations for safety, economy, and regulatory verification. Read the case study.


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