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RCS Rotary Zeolite Concentrators
Rotary Concentrators are designed to take large volumes of air containing a very low concentration of volatile organic compounds and adsorb these organic materials onto a zeolite adsorbent “wheel”. This wheel constantly rotates, and the concentrated VOCs are removed and treated by one of our world-leading VOC treatment systems

RCS Concentrators RCS Concentrators
For nearly 45 years, Catalytic Products International has focused its efforts on supplying our customers with the world's best air pollution control solutions. In today's environmental climate, just about any source may be a target for add-on air pollution control equipment. As polluting sources become larger (volumes) and less concentrated, Catalytic Products International, Inc. has introduced the RCS – Rotary Concentator System.

A Rotary Concentration System (RCS) is a proven and effective technique for eliminating low concentratoin VOC's from a variety of industrial process exhausts. The (RCS) works by absorbing VOC's onto a honeycomb hydrophobic zeolite impregnated ceramic rotor. The clean air is then passed through the rotor and discharged to atmosphere. Typical absorption efficiencies for standard hydrophobic zeolite exceed 96%. The hydrophobic zeolite rotor continuously rotates such that the absorbed VOC's are positioned into a Desorption section, where the VOC's are removed from the surface of the rotor and sent to one of our thermal treatment systems (Catalytic, Thermal, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer's).