Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer’s (DFTO), or non-recuperative thermal oxidation systems are the most simple thermal oxidizers.  These systems combines a high velocity mixing chamber coupled with a preheat burner.  By maximizing turbulent mixing, flame impingement and temperature uniformity these systems can assure cost effective destruction of VOC.
Direct Fired Thermal Oxidzier (DFTO)


QUADRANT NR Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer (DFTO) Commonly referred to as afterburners, incinerators, or direct fired thermal oxidizers, CPI Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers are used on applications where primary air to air heat exchangers are not necessary. Special applications that have very high solvent concentration levels, low air volumes, high energy demand or secondary heat recovery needs, among others….can benefit from our QUADRANT NR-Thermal Oxidizers.


QUADRANT NR Series Thermal Oxidizers work by sending the off gas emissions (rich in concentration) as a fuel directly through our special burner system.  This unique combustion system is safe and reliable throughout a wide range of conditions.  The NR system can process LEL ranges from 0 to over 100% without any compromise in safety or efficiency.  A combustion air blower is used to control combustion temperature throughout the ranging conditions often presented by reacting processes.  The NR system is a simple design, rugged in construction that promises a long and useful life.



Internally Insulated

Internally Insulated

All CPI Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers incorporate a specialized internal insulation system designed to retain heat for low cost and cool shell temperatures.  The internal insulation works in conjunction with the round design to eliminate shell growth for industry leading uptime reliability and low maintenance.  The advancement of internal insulation is just one of the continued enhancements that we have introduced, all in an effort to provide longer lasting equipment with lower overall operating costs.

Turbulating Combustion Chamber

Turbulating Combustion Chamber

One of the most unique features found in any QUADRANT system is the Turbulating Combustion Chamber, working with our Venturi Burner System. This pairing of components has paved the way for QUADRANT systems to operate at the lowest temperatures while still providing the highest VOC destruction. Faced with today's compliance requirements the old design strategies of time and temperature are not enough. Only the QUADRANT system, by maximizing turbulent mixing, flame impingement, and temperature uniformity can assure users of low cost and ultra high destruction. 

Temperature Safety System

Temperature Safety System

Every CPI Thermal Oxidizer system is integrated to our customized PLC-control panel called TSS.  TSS communicates with the CPI Thermal Oxidizer system and your process for optimal performance, safety, and reliability.  TSS optimizes fuel efficiency by managing temperatures, controlling drives, and positing valves.  This user friendly system provides automated operations, one button start-stops, self diagnostics, and data monitoring options for simplified maintenance and compliance verification.  

Optional Features

Optional Features

  • Secondary Heat Recovery Solutions such as steam, oil, air, or others…

  • PLC control and man-machine-interface options based on your needs

  • Multiple fuel blends or oil fired combustion systems

  • Footprint design flexibility to suit your space availability

  • SD (Severe Duty) series system for corrosive air streams

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