CPI Installs Thermal Oxidizer for RNG Upgrade Process at Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Catalytic Products International (CPI) installed a Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer (DFTO) at a publicly owned wastewater treatment facility for the abatement of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and other separated constituents from the wastewater treatment gas separation process. This project was initiated to generate Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) which can be injected into the local distribution network, while reducing emissions from the existing WWTP facility.

    CPI Thermal Oxidizer WWTP-1

    In large wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), anaerobic digestion breaks down organic waste. The process produces digester gas (biogas) from the decomposition of sewage sludge from primary or secondary clarifiers. Wastewater digester gas is a methane-rich byproduct that can be an energy source. The composition of wastewater digester gas varies, though the primary constituents are methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Trace amounts of nitrogen gas (N2), oxygen gas (O2), and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) may also be present.

    The 650 SCFM QUADRANT NRV- 650 Thermal Oxidizer will burn the tail gas from a digester gas conditioning pressure swing adsorption (PSA) system. The thermal oxidizer will destroy VOC emissions with 99% destruction rate efficiency (DRE).

    CPI worked with the customer and its engineering contractor to design and deliver the thermal oxidizer including a  stainless steel exhaust stack and support structure as well as system modifications to locate the QUADRANT NRV-650 Thermal Oxidizer outdoors. The thermal oxidizer was delivered as separate components and assembled on-site by the customer.

    CPI also provided aftermarket services including conducting preventative maintenance inspections, and quarterly, semi-annual and annual training to train technicians to perform routine maintenance activities to ensure uptime reliability of the thermal oxidizer.

    QUADRANT NRV-Series Systems work by sending the off-gas emissions (typically low in volume but high in concentration) as a fuel directly through a special burner system. This unique combustion system is safe and reliable throughout a wide range of conditions and can process LEL ranges from 0 to over 100% without any compromise in safety or efficiency.

    Once the QUADRANT NRV has reached operating temperature, process gases are released into the burner assembly, rather than over it as in other thermal oxidizers. As these gases are released from the process gas nozzles, they interact with the flame from the hold burner and main gas burner, and ignite, adding still more heat to the combustion chamber.

    Sensors in the combustion chamber constantly monitor temperature, allowing the PLC to control how much heat is being produced.

    Established in 1969, Catalytic Products International (CPI) continues as a leading supplier of air pollution control equipment. CPI is at the forefront in providing industries including wastewater treatment facilities with solutions to their air pollution control needs.

    Today, CPI partners with its customers as a trusted resource in resolving the most complex air pollution and energy conservation problems. We provide our customers with innovative and cost-conscious solutions to their most complex VOC, NOx, and Odor pollution challenges. Our equipment is also at work meeting energy conservation strategies and minimizing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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