A Pre-owned QUADRANT NRV Series Thermal Oxidizer is available for your application.  The QUADRANT NRV is sized to process up to 8.3 MMBTU/Hr of process gas.  This is one of the most simple and safest direct combustion technologies offered by CPI and is available completely refurbished and significantly less than a new oxidizer.  Contact us for more information!

    CPI QUADRANT NRV Thermal Oxidizer Pre-Owned

    The QUADRANT NRV Thermal Oxidizer utilizes a superior combustion and dwell chamber for efficient destruction of VOCs.  VOC-laden air enters the oxidizer through a burner supply plenum which injects the process fuel stream through multiple venturi throats at speeds greater than the flame propagation rate.  Air is induced through the venturis by the accelerated process fuel stream to provide sufficient oxygen for combustion.  The mixture is combusted at the exit of the venturi at flame temperatures of near 3,000 °F before being quenched to 1,500 °F at the exit of the burner refractory tube.

    The combustion system is provided by a specially designed burner system that uses a center-positioned fuel delivery system with a venturi throat for the introduction of process off-gas emissions as the primary fuel source.  The necessary supplemental fuel required during warm up, idle, shut-down, or low waste gas supply will be provided by a supplemental fuel gas delivery system. The burner has a built-in venturi section which accelerates the process stream beyond the flame propagation velocity, thus preventing flashback. The flow of combustion air is controlled to limit downstream temperatures. When the process stream can no longer sustain combustion on its own, the supplemental landfill gas portion of the burner will then start to fire to maintain a constant combustion chamber temperature. The burner is designed to promote mixing when fired horizontally into the combustion tube.  This design provides the high velocity which creates a tremendous amount of turbulence and leads to the excellent temperature uniformity for which QUADRANT oxidizers are known.  This eliminates temperature stratification and provides higher clean-up rates at lower operating temperatures.

    The QUADRANT NRV-series systems is supplied with a 309 stainless steel exhaust stack.  The stack height will be 20 feet above grade.

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