Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options when considering GHG reductions? Are there control devices that can help meet my needs?

 How do the new Greenhouse Gas (GHG) rules affect me today and what can I expect in the future?

Are Carbon Monoxide limitations as critical as VOC or NOx control?

 What is the ozone standard and how does it affect my operations?

What is catalyst?


Maintenance FAQs

Are regular maintenance tasks time consuming?

What is catalyst poisoning?

How often should I change my thermocouples?

Can I clean my U.V. scanner while the oxidizer is in operation?

How often do I need to maintain the oxidizer?

Are there ideal times of the year to perform the annual or semiannual inspections?

Are regular maintenance items something the end user can perform or do we need CPI onsite to perform these?

Is the interior of the oxidizer designated as “confined space”?

My oxidizer no longer achieves enough temperature to run process to it. What can cause this?

Is the “media” in a catalytic oxidizer the same as the “media” in a regenerative thermal oxidizer?

How can I determine if a pressure switch is operating correctly?

Why am I not getting a delta T (or temperature rise) across my catalyst bed?

I am getting a combustion air blower pressure switch fault when I start the oxidizer. What can cause this?

Why am I having flame loss?

Why is my main gas shutoff valve failing to close?

Why am I getting high duct pressure switch faults?

Why is there a layer of guard bed on top of my catalyst?

Why am I getting a flame safety fault?

Why am I getting a pressure blower disconnect fault?

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