How do the new Greenhouse Gas (GHG) rules affect me today and what can I expect in the future?


Currently, operations that emit 27,000 tons or more of GHG (as "carbon dioxide equivalent" or "CO2e") have to inventory GHG emissions and report them to EPA. Larger sources (in excess of 75,000 tons per year of GHG emissions) are subject to more stringent permitting requirements and potential reduction goals in the future.

The greenhouse gases that are being regulated include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, sulfur hexafluoride and a number of refrigerants. And while EPA GHG guidance creates many new challenges, it can also open the door to new opportunities. For instance, optimizing energy use can reduce operational costs in the long run. This whitepaper on “Greenhouse Gas Regulations” describes this in much more detail.

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