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A Pre-owned QUADRANT Series Thermal Oxidizer is available for your application. This is one of the most simple and direct technologies we offer, and is available for significantly less than a new oxidizer. Contact us for more information!

The QUADRANT NR-10,000 Thermal Oxidizer utilizes a superior combustion and dwell chamber for efficient destruction of VOC’s. The unique design starts by drawing the solvent laden fumes into the condensate evaporation chamber. Here the fumes are forced around the combustion tube and through the burner Next, the contaminated stream travels down the elongated combustion chamber at very high velocities, causing more mixing and turbulence. This forces flame impingement and turbulence to occur. The air is rebounded against the oxidizer's back wall, where the speed is slowed to accommodate required dwell times.

  • The QUADRANT Thermal Oxidizer will be supplied with the following:
  • 8-inches of internal insulation consisting of Z-block lining rated for 2,200 F
  • RA 253 MA stainless steel combustion tube (RA 235 MA is rated for continuous duty at 2,000 F)
  • RA 253 MA stainless steel turbulating baffles
  • Burner inspection sight glass
  • Pressure measurement ports in the condensate evaporation chamber and the combustion chamber
  • Type-K thermocouples in the condensate evaporation chamber, combustion chamber
  • Carbon steel outer shell sandblasted, primed and finish painted with two (2) coats of epoxy gray
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