New Regulations for Biomass and Other Alternative Fuels


    Catalytic Products International has been answering numerous questions about biomass and other alternative fuels in recent months. This seems in opposition to the trend of consuming more and more natural gas due to the recent shale gas discoveries. However, a few trends seem to be supporting the high interest in biomass as an alternative fuel. First, many processors are looking to European customers of their woody biomass fuel products. Europe has an insatiable appetite for biomass fuel to be used as a primary fuel source or addition to coal generating plants. Shiploads of biomass leave the US shores every day bound for consumption in European generating facilities or as a consumer fuel product. Secondly, many companies and investors are using this as an opportune time to plan and make investments in biomass production facilities. The goal is to be ready for higher and higher demand as renewable fuel portfolio standards increase over time and as natural gas begins to increase in cost from its recent lows.

    We hope this EBook is a valuable resource for anyone interested in new regulations for non-traditional fuels or looking to be kept up to date with advances in this exciting area of compliance.

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