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QUADRANT NR Series Thermal Oxidizer

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QUADRANT NR Series Thermal Oxidizer


Catalytic Products International has applied our 43 year history of providing innovative air pollution control solutions towards a line of highly flexible and efficient non-recuperative thermal oxidizers. Commonly referred to as afterburners, incinerators, or direct fired thermal oxidizers, our line of QUADRANT-NR Thermal Oxidizers routinely exceed all worldwide regulatory requirements while providing a level of sophistication that is unmatched in our industry.

QUADRANT NR-Series Systems are used on applications where primary air to air heat exchangers are not necessary. Special applications that have very high solvent concentration levels, low air volumes, high energy demand or secondary heat recovery needs, among others….can benefit from our QUADRANT NR-Thermal Oxidizers. In today’s ever tightening regulatory climate traditional technologies such as scrubbers, strippers, flares, and the like can not achieve ultra high VOC elimination at an economical installed cost. Low cost - High Performance - Long Life are the key advantages of our QUADRANT NR-Thermal Oxidizers.

No other supplier of non-recuperative thermal oxidizers can match our extensive knowledge or equipmentperformance