Expert Interview: Working with Environmental Consultants

    At Catalytic Products International, we work with a variety of experts who deal with air pollution control systems at every level. Just as we regularly share our clients’ success stories, we want to look at the work that our team does to meet those clients’ needs.

    For today’s Expert Interview, we spoke to a Senior Environmental  Consultant who regularly works with CPI to assist our clients on environmental regulations. When asked to describe what he does, he compared himself to the tax experts at H&R Block: somebody who helps people get through the mountains of environmental regulations and troubleshoot the problems that they encounter when doing so.

    “I’m an environmental consultant, but that doesn’t mean I’m saving the planet. Actually, I’m working on the side of the polluters. However, the companies I work with feel that nobody recognizes the progress they’ve made in controlling emissions, and I help them deal with the regulations they face to make sure they’re complying with statutes and regulations.”

    Many of the clients are companies who didn’t know they needed an emissions permit and are worried about being shut down or fined.  A consultant is able to help them navigate the rules, show them the avenues that are available to them to minimize any fines, and work with air pollution control technology vendors like CPI to make sure the correct systems are in place to meet compliance standards.

    “I often bridge the gap between the technical people and the legal people. Company owners are well versed in technology, but they don’t know the ins and outs of environmental regulations. Lawyers, on the other hand, speak legalese, and they won’t understand the technical specs the regulations deal with. I’m able to translate between them to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to complying with those regulations.”

    In addition to helping clients navigate the process of meeting compliance standards and obtaining EPA permits, Environmental Consultants keep up with the latest news about regulations and standards, and hold regular training courses for industry professionals. “We also often comment on new EPA rules on our clients’ behalf. People often don’t realize that they can be a part of the process when new rules are being considered, so we work to make them aware of how we can help them shape the state of environmental regulations.”

    When working with CPI, the Senior Consultant notes that he especially likes how they are always on the customer’s side. “CPI believes that an educated customer is the best customer,” he says. “They won’t suggest that the customer buy new equipment if that isn’t the best solution for them. When we work together to meet the customer’s best interests, we make a great team!”

    We hope that this look at how our team works together has helped you understand how we always put the customer first when working with them to meet environmental standards. If you want to know more about how CPI can help you find the best solution to your air pollution control needs, please contact us. We look forward to working with you!

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