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    Heat Exchanger Posts

    CPI Rebuilds Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer at Metal Coil Coater

    Catalytic Products International (CPI) recently completed the rebuild of a CPI QUADRANT SR- 48,000 SCFM Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer at an Eastern USA metal coil coater for the abatement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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    CPI Replaces Heat Exchanger at Fiberglass Insulation Mfg

    A fiberglass insulation manufacturer in Southwest USA recently commissioned Catalytic Products International (CPI) to design, manufacture and install a new 7,200 SCFM plate and frame heat exchanger. CPI was able to provide a packaged, factory insulated, skid mounted unit which was a direct replacement for one of the facility’s existing heat exchangers. 

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    Maintenance Tips: Cleaning Your Heat Exchanger

    Keeping your air pollution control equipment properly maintained is essential for ensuring that you are able to operate efficiently and continue meeting regulatory requirements. Here on the CPI blog, we regularly share tips on maintaining your systems, and today we're looking at heat exchangers. Heat exchangers are integral to the operation of many critical and can be found in many different types of equipment including but not limited to:

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    Customer Testimonial: Advanced Flexible Composites

    At Catalytic Products International, we work with a wide variety of clients to help them meet their air pollution control needs. While each client is different, our experience and expertise ensures that we are able to help them address and resolve the issues they experience. In this series of customer testimonial blogs, we’ll be sharing some of these success stories.

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    Automotive Manufacturer Chooses the QUADRANT SR Thermal Oxidizer

    The worlds largest automotive manufacturer recently installed our QUADRANT SR-Series Thermal Oxidizer for use at destroying CO and VOC emissions from the exhaust generated by an engine test cell facility. The test facility houses several engine, transmission, and chassis dynamometer’s. The manufacturer demanded a system that would provide the highest uptime reliability and highest performance.

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