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    Be Prepared: Thermal Oxidizer Shut Down

    Recent natural weather events are causing damage across the globe. The 2017 huricane season (June 1st through November 30th) has the potenital to be extremely active with five tropical storms and six huricanes. Wildfires are racing though the Western United States and Canada. 

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    Air Quality in Northern Illinois - Canadian Wildfires

    As we headed out to lunch yesterday, we were presented with a smoky haze and burning smell.  The smell and smoke were so persistent, we drove around our offices expecting to see a local building on fire.  Amazingly, it turned out that this fire was not local, instead the smoke was the result of forest fires in Canada. Catalytic Products is located in Lake Zurich, Illinois which is in the nothern part of the state. 

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    Back to School

    The dog days of summer are upon us. The month of August has many people are on vacation (or holiday, if you prefer) enjoying the hot, muggy days by taking trips to a pool or beach. Kids are chasing lightening bugs. The endless summer days, unfortunately, are coming to an end. The summer sun is not up as bright and early as it was just last month. School registration is in full swing. Some students are already participating in pre-season sport practices.

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