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    What's the Best Oxidizer for My Process?

    An oxidizer is not something that business owners address by saying, “Let’s do the right thing for the environment and install an oxidizer!” In fact, the scenario is more likely to be “We need to increase productivity (always a good thing!), but that will put us over our annual emissions limits. Do we know what we will need? Where do we start? Who can help us?”  

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    Controlling Fugitive Emissions

    Fugitive emissions, in their simplest form, are the uncontrolled release of gases to the atmosphere. Each one of us may contribute fugitive emissions when we fill our automobile gas tanks. The displacement of air inside the gas tank causes gasoline vapor emissions (hydrocarbons) to exit out the fill spout (un-controlled) to the atmosphere. Some states require the use of "Vapor Recovery" nozzles which capture the vapor emissions, returning them to the underground gasoline tanks. The vapors then become liquid again, reducing the "loss" of gasoline, as well as removing hydrocarbons from the air, which means less air pollution. 

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    Expert Interview: Working with Environmental Consultants

    At Catalytic Products International, we work with a variety of experts who deal with air pollution control systems at every level. Just as we regularly share our clients’ success stories, we want to look at the work that our team does to meet those clients’ needs.

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