Air Quality in Northern Illinois - Canadian Wildfires

    As we headed out to lunch yesterday, we were presented with a smoky haze and burning smell.  The smell and smoke were so persistent, we drove around our offices expecting to see a local building on fire.  Amazingly, it turned out that this fire was not local, instead the smoke was the result of forest fires in Canada. Catalytic Products is located in Lake Zurich, Illinois which is in the nothern part of the state. 

    Canadian Wildfires smoke Northern Illinois.jpg

    Image from NASA

    A spokesperson from the National Weather Service said the smoke was coming from forest fires in Canada because of the direction of air flow.  Smoke from wildfires in western Canada have been pulled south due to a cold front that pushed through Wednesday night, according to the National Weather Service's Milwaukee center.  

    "It’s no different than when there’s volcanic eruptions. You can get debris in the air – it just depends on the air flow" the spokesperson said Thursday afternoon. "This is not unusual per se."

    While CPI cannot help mitigate the odor and smoke coming from these wildfires, we are experts and controlling smoke, VOCs, and HAPs generated from many industrial and commercial sources. 

    If you have an air pollution control need please contact us today! 

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