Canadian Biofuel Manufacturer requires Air Pollution Control

    With the expected rise in oil prices in the next few years, the increasing instability of the world oil supply, and the increasing demands from the EPA for cleaner fuels and production processes, Food and Plant based Ethanol production is on the rise. Along with this rise in production comes an increased requirement for Air Pollution Control Solutions in the Bio-Fuel’s market.

    Catalytic Products International, Inc was recently tasked with providing a turnkey solution to Canadian Bio-Fuel production facility. The facility had two holding tanks and two scrubbers that emitted such VOCs as: Ethanol, Methanol, Propanol, and Ethyl Acetate. Concentrations of these VOCs ranged from 14% to 26%, based on scrubber activity and whether the tanks were idle, discharging, or filling. The air stream had zero oxygen content, and required additional fresh air to support combustion.

    For this particular application, a simple yet effective solution was required to oxidize the VOCs from four sources. No returned heat was required for the process, and there were no other contaminants in the air stream that would be considered harmful to any of the oxidizer processes in use today.

    The QUADRANT NR-3000 recommended for this application will allow:

    • Continuous +99% destruction across operational range
    • Low cost of operation
    • Fully automatic operation - with no operating interface required
    • Easy installation
    • Highest uptime with minimal maintenance

    The QUADRANT NR-Series Thermal Oxidizer incorporates a proven round design which protects against stress and fatigue commonly found in other systems that utilize an antiquated “square box” design.

    For more information about this or any of our other custom engineered solutions, please contact us.

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