CPI Installs Thermal Oxidizer at Fuel Cell Manufacturer

    Catalytic Products International (CPI) installed two (2) 2,600 SCFM Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers at an East Coast USA fuel cell manufacturer for the abatement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hydrogen and carbon monoxide during the fuel cell power conditioning process.


    A typical fuel cell is an electrochemical energy conversion device used for electricity generation. Fuel cells produce direct current electricity through an electrochemical process, much like a standard battery. Unlike a standard battery, a fuel supply continuously replenishes the fuel cell.

    There are many types of fuel cells, but they all consist of an anode, a cathode, and an electrolyte that allows ions, often positively charged hydrogen ions (protons), to move between the two sides of the fuel cell. Fuel cells are often categorized by the type of electrolyte, or in some cases, the type of fuel.

    The 2,600 SCFM QUADRANT-NR Thermal Oxidizers will control H2, CO, and VOC emissions from both the anode and cathode gas streams of the processes. The Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers (DFTO) will control the VOC emissions with a 99% destruction rate efficiency (DRE) and CO emissions with a 99.9% DRE.

    Thermal treatment of VOCs and other air pollutants works by the simple reaction of the harmful hydrocarbon-based air pollutants with oxygen and heat. In this environment, the VOCs are chemically oxidized to form harmless inert by-products like CO2, water vapor (H2O), and usable heat. These harmless by-products are released to the atmosphere or used within primary or secondary energy recovery techniques to further lower the operational cost.

    CPI’s QUADRANT-NR Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer is considered among the world’s most advanced non-recuperative thermal oxidation systems. These custom designed and proven systems combine the basic principles of time, temperature, and turbulence to the fullest extent possible.  Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers are affordable pollution control systems to purchase and operate when properly designed and applied appropriately. Direct fired thermal oxidizers require less maintenance than typical pollution control devices with minimal moving parts while offering flexibility to handle different types of inorganic particulate or other contamination, as well as the ability for a high degree of heat recovery and optimization.

    Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers are used on special applications that have very high solvent concentration levels, low air volumes, high particulate, loading, or high energy demand or secondary heat recovery needs.

    CPI worked closely with the customer to provide engineering, design, and supply of all the Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers at this facility. The Thermal Oxidizers include an external shell and tube secondary heat exchanger especially designed to work in this high pressure and high temperature application. A hot gas bypass temperature control system provides precise temperature control of the supply air and protects the tube bundle from excessive temperature fluctuations.

    CPI has been “Enabling Clean Production Since 1969” and continues as a leading supplier of air pollution control equipment.  CPI is at the forefront in providing industries including fuel call manufacturers with solutions to their air pollution control needs.

    Today, CPI partners with its customers as a trusted resource in resolving the most complex air pollution and energy conservation problems. We provide our customers with innovative and cost-conscious solutions to their most complex VOC, NOx, and Odor pollution challenges. Our equipment is also at work meeting energy conservation strategies and minimizing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


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