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    Customer Testimonial: GreenMantra Technologies

    At Catalytic Products International (CPI), we work to make sure that our customers have the best solutions to their air remediation needs and that they have the knowledge to continue to meet these needs as they grow and change. Here on our blog, we’ve been sharing the stories of some of these customers, demonstrating how our expertise helps them find success.

    For today’s testimonial, we spoke to Amalia Gil at GreenMantra Technologies, located in Brantford, Ontario in Canada. GreenMantra uses recycled polyethylene plastic from products like bottles, milk jugs, and plastic bags to make wax used in a variety of products, including modified asphalt roofing, coatings, and adhesives.

    “We originally found CPI through a mix of online search and a recommendation from our engineering firm, AMEC Foster Wheeler,” said Amalia. “We were in the process of designing a scale up of our existing wax facility and we required an air pollution control provider that could ensure the best solution for the modular designed system.”

    CPI was able to work with GreenMantra within some stringent constraints. “We have very strict air standards,” said Amalia, “and for the expansion we had to meet not only our own standards but also work with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to ensure all other constraints were met. Throughout the process, we relied on the experience and knowledge of CPI to provide us with all available options to meet and exceed our needs.”

    Amalia was impressed with CPI’s patience and understanding. “Throughout the design phase, CPI was able to support us throughout the entire process.”  Amalia said. “CPI was very helpful in answering all the questions we had and offering plenty of support to ensure a successful expansion.”

    A CPI QUADRANT Thermal Oxidizer was selected, as it offered high reliability and lower maintenance than other air pollution control technologies.  The QUADRANT Thermal Oxidizer provides destruction of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and odor control.  It combines high temperature thermal oxidation with a unique burner to efficiently convert VOCs, and other odor causing organic compounds to carbon dioxide and water vapor. 

    GreenMantra has found great success with the equipment that CPI provided. “Our Thermal Oxidizer works very well, and we are very happy with the results.” said Amalia. “CPI has also provided great support; anytime we’ve reached out to them with an issue, they’ve responded right away, getting back to us with what we need.”

    Amalia is excited to work with CPI in future builds. “CPI continues to provide their expertise and knowledge in every step of the process. This is certainly a technology we would look to leverage at future facilities across the globe.”

    If you want to know more about how CPI can work with you to find a cost-effective solution for your air pollution control needs, please contact us. We hope you’ll become our next success story!

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