Expert Interview: Providing the Right Oxidizer Air Flow Solutions

    At Catalytic Products International, we have a great staff of knowledgeable, dedicated professionals that provides quality air pollution control solutions to our customers, but we also work with a wide variety of partners to ensure that our clients have all the right equipment in place. In this installment of our series of Expert Interviews, we spoke with Skip Abbott, a sales rep for the New York Blower Company.

    Skip has worked with CPI on all manner of projects for over 20 years, and his input is an essential part of the process of designing and installing an oxidizer. “Every system that CPI installs needs to gather dirty air, run it through the oxidizer, and clean it,” he said. “The way the air gets into the oxidizer is by using an industrial blower, which I sell. I work with CPI to make sure that the blower will be able to provide the correct air flow and pressure.”

    This process requires multiple touchpoints with CPI’s team members throughout each individual project. “I work preliminarily with the design engineers, who figure out what they believe they need, and I provide them with the solution that will fit those needs,” said Skip. “Later, I work with the project managers to make sure they have the right product in terms of cost and size. Then, I help the people in charge of purchasing as they order the fans and whatever other components are needed. Finally, at the end of the process, I work with the service people to ensure that the equipment is deployed in the field.”

    Each project presents its own unique challenges, including choosing the right materials for the job. “A lot of factors go into choosing a fan, including air volume, air pressure, and temperature,” Skip said. “CPI’s oxidizers can work with air streams that vary from 70 degrees up to 1,200 degrees, and this temperature has an effect on the metal being used. In addition, the constituents of the air stream will also affect the material of the fans. We need to make sure the fan won’t be damaged by these factors.”

    Throughout his years working with CPI, Skip has been part of some especially interesting projects. “Once, a parts manufacturer had a fan that literally blew up, as in it caught fire and damaged some of the systems around it. We worked with a local fan manufacturer who was able to reverse engineer the system based on the melted fan parts and build a new fan in the space of a few days. That was a great example of how CPI works to take care of their customers. They were under a lot of pressure, since the client was losing money while their system was down, but they were able to orchestrate the takedown, assessment, and reassembly of the oxidizer in less than a week.”

    This type of dedication is what Skip has come to expect when doing business with CPI. “When I started working with CPI in 1994, they were a much smaller company, but since then, they’ve become one of the better known and well respected companies in the industry. They’ve done that by not compromising on quality and paying very close attention to the needs of their customers. They’ve always treated me very fairly and reasonably, and they treat their customers with the same respect. The team at CPI are among my favorite people to work with!”

    We hope this look at how CPI partners with our vendors demonstrates our dedication to providing the best solutions for our clients. If you want to know more about how CPI can meet your oxidizer needs, please contact us. We look forward to working with you!

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