Flexographic Printer RTO Repair

    A flexographic printer recently contacted Catalytic Products International for help solving a recurring problem with competitors Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) that was purchased two years earlier. The system had never been able to pass a stack test; the company was out of compliance and running out of time with the state EPA.  Any calls for assistance in getting the RTO to be compliant by the original manufacturer went unanswered.  Here's how we helped our customer:


    Evaluation:  CPI engineering and aftermarket services team conducted a complete evaluation of the RTO and came to several conclusions:

    • There were some minor issues with a fatigued burner and deteriorated expansion joints
    • CPI found gaps in the RTO media and a very weak sealing isolation damper
    • The RTO poppet valves did not seal properly in several locations

    Analysis:  Analyzed the valve construction and actuation:

    • The plenum wall that the valve seats against was not straight
    • The valve seat ring could not possibly close up and seal against the platen


    • CPI manufactured a slip-ring to fit inside the valve seal ring
    • Provided an adjustable design to give the best possible contact against the valve platen
    • Once the slip ring was adjusted properly, it could be locked in place using set screws
    • Effected repairs with the Media system, isolation damper, burner, and expansion joints


    • The work was performed over a weekend by CPI’s highly qualified technical staff
    • A stack test performed days later proved that CPI was able to repair the RTO and bring it into compliance, allowing the customer to receive the required EPA operating permits.

    Topics: Maintenance and Repairs, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, Flexographic Printing, Case Studies

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