Building an Oxidizer, Part 2: Delivery and Installation

    Oxidizer_Installation_Timeline_Part_2.jpgAt CPI, we are frequently asked about the length of time necessary to build and install an oxidizer. The answer to that question is complicated, depending on a variety of factors such as the client’s procurement process and the complexity of the equipment and location of the site. To help build understanding of the decisions that go into this process, we wanted to take a closer look at a typical industrial process utilizing a standard thermal oxidizer, catalytic oxidizer, or regenerative thermal oxidizer. In our first blog on this topic, we looked at the client buying process. Today, we’ll look at the timeline for oxidizer deliver and installation.

    Note: Clients with complex specifications (such as API or CE compliance), unique construction materials, lengthy review and approval processes, or other installation criteria may require more time to complete their installations, since these factors will often lead to longer delivery schedules.


    Description of Steps and Recommendations



    This task explores the time frame from after the purchase order is issued through the vendor-client kick-off meeting. In most cases, the kick-off is a site meeting that will engage the client’s engineering or project team to review Process and Instrument Diagrams (P&IDs), General Arrangement Drawings, and site layout drawings.  Most likely, the oxidizer vendor will have a few weeks of basic engineering completed in order to prepare for the kick-off meeting.

    Recommendations: After the kick-off, it’s common to expect a few minor modifications, but in most circumstances, both parties leave the meeting with a clear understanding of deliverables and schedules. After this milestone, the construction of the oxidizer is now firmly in the hands of the vendor.

    4 weeks after receipt of order

    Construction, Inspection, and Prep for Delivery

    The time frame for construction activities is routinely 4 months after receipt of the order. Some extension to this time frame could be realized if the client company has a continuing approval process or inspection hold points. Each project manager should have a clear understanding of corporate expectations and build this into the project schedule.

    12 weeks after kick-off


    It’s moving day! The oxidizer has been completed. It has passed the vendor quality audits (an important and necessary part of any qualification process), and it has passed client inspections. It should now be loaded on the trucks and making the trek to the site. Assuming this is not an oversized load, transit time should be under one week.

    1 week


    The installation of the oxidizer is another task that can have a wide range of time, depending on factors unique to each situation. In most cases, the oxidizer is installed on a concrete pad outside of the factory. Ductwork from the process is installed to the oxidizer. The oxidizer control panel is then mounted in a convenient indoor location.
    Recommendations: The work that needs to be completed for the various installation tasks is described below:

    • Installing the Ductwork – Most of this work can be done in advance of the oxidizer arriving and therefore should not impact the overall time frame of the project.
    • Rigging the Oxidizer – Unloading the oxidizer from the trailer to the pad.
    • Electrical – Connecting the instruments mounted on the oxidizer to the control panel located indoors.
    • Process Tie-in – Finalizing duct connections from the process to the oxidizer.

    3 weeks after arrival

    Duct install – zero impact

    Rigging – 1 week

    Electrical – 2 weeks

    Process tie-in – 1 day

    Hopefully, this timeline will help you understand the steps in the oxidizer delivery and installation process, but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Please stay tuned for our next blog in this series, in which we’ll look at the timeline compliance testing.

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