Preventative Tip: Operation and Maintenance Manual Basics

    My new lawn requires a lot of maintenance - in a good way. It grows really fast and I need to mow the lawn at least once a week. After each use, I clean the mower off best I can and fill it with gas, as needed. Last week the mower felt "off" as I was trying to cut the grass. 


    After some basic small engine troubleshooting, I figured out the spark ignitor had worked its way loose. I did not think the mower would need service since it was new. However, the little booklet that came with the lawn mower provided very clear direction on recommeneded maintenace. 

    While talking with Mike Piper, one of the service technicians here at CPI, I detailed my technical diagnosis to him.  Mike was duly impressed with my troubleshooting skills and pointed out the importance of following the manufacturers recommended maintenance plan on any equipment that has moving parts.  

    As Mike pointed out, vibration could cause bolts to become loose (which is what happened with my spark ignitor). I asked him to name one preventative maintenance machinery task that is important and often under performed. Without hesitation, he said "lubricate bearings regularly."

    Mike related a recent emergency service call where a customer had called in to report the system was not working. While CPI was able to do some troubleshooting over the phone, Mike was in the area and got to the site right away. After chatting with the customer to hear the events that led up to the shutdown, followed by reviewing the oxidizer maintenance log, Mike was able to quickly identify the problem.  

    Damaged fan bearings.jpgThe deformed bearing.

    The main process blower bearing had not been lubricated on a regular basis. This caused the bearings to seize up. Thankfully, the customer had purchased a spare parts package that included replacement bearings, which minimized the downtime. 

    Before Mike left the site, he talked through the maintenance section of the Operation and Maintenance manual with the customer to make sure they understood the importance. Some companies choose to have internal personnel handle the weekly and monthly maintenance themselves and the more equipment specific semi-annual and annual inspections done by CPI. Either way, by reading the maintenance section and save yourself some potential future problems.

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    With a preventative maintenance program which can include a combination of weekly, month, semi-annual or annual service, you can prevent the unexpected from happening to your oxidizer.  

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