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    Solving some of the world’s greatest challenges

    Congratulations on the completion of the biorefinery in Nevada, Iowa!


    Solving some of the world's greatest challenges

    During an investor call, Ellen Kullman, chairwoman and CEO of DuPont, provided a brief update of the company’s cellulosic ethanol initiatives. “In biobased industrials…we have mechanically completed our Nevada, Iowa, biorefinery, which will open later this year and will be among the largest commercial-scale cellulosic biorefineries in the world”

    Catalytic Products International is proud to have participated with the successful ramp of DuPont’s novel biorefinery at Nevada, Iowa.  Our supply of innovative air pollution control systems supports DuPont’s goals of “solving some of the world’s greatest challenges”    You can learn more about DuPont’s Nevada Biorefinery here.

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