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    CPI Exhibits at the 2018 IMDA conference

    Posted by Jan Carlson

    May 24, 2018 12:26:44 PM

    CPI Exhibits at the 2018 International Metal Decorating Conference 

    CPI exhibited at the International Metal Decorating Association (IMDA) annual event held this week in Oak Brook, IL.

    The annual two-day IMDA conference with seminars is filled with technical, environmental and quality presentations supplemented with a table top exhibit to display products and services to the metal decorating industry.  CPI provides assistance in oxidizer design, evaluation, and service for metal decorating companies.  


    CPI IMDA 2018 Betz & Warner

    Mark Betz, VP of Engineering, and Brant Warner, Regional Sales Manager, represent CPI at IMDA.


    Follow the link to see details on the most recent turn-key installation of an RTO for a metal decorating application:  https://www.cpilink.com/blog/container_manufacturer_seals_the_deal_with_a_triton_rto

    16-08987 TRITON 7.95 RTO 2 

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