CPI Installs RTO at Automotive Parts Manufacturer

    Catalytic Products International (CPI) (CPI) recently installed a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) at a Midwest USA automotive parts manufacturer for the abatement of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) released during the surface coating operations.

    CPI RTO 6000 SCFM Automotive Parts Coater-1

    The CPI Aftermarket Services team took over maintenance support for an old Met-Pro catalytic oxidizer which had been installed in 1999. CPI was then contracted by the customer to evaluate the VOC destruction rate efficiency (DRE) and integrity of this existing catalytic oxidizer prior to a mandated compliance test. Unfortunately, the test results indicated that the CatOx had a low (DRE). The catalyst bed was showing poor catalyst activation, and the heat exchanger had failed. 

    The cost of rebuilding the old CatOx was prohibitive, due to replacement cost for catalyst, and a new heat exchanger. In addition, the plant identified the need for additional production capacity in the future, therefore the decision was made to purchase a new oxidizer.

    CPI recommended a new 6,000 SCFM TRITON-6.95 Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) as the most energy and cost-efficient technology to control VOC emissions from two ovens and four paint booths with +98% DRE and +95% thermal heat recovery. This allows the facility to maintain compliance with Clean Air Act standards and allows for minimal gas consumption and operating costs.

    CPI provided a complete turnkey installation of the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) including CPI RTO Ductwork Automotive Parts Coaterengineering, design and supply of the RTO on a CPI designed concrete pad. The installation of the RTO and related equipment included process exhaust ductwork, booster fan, and exhaust stack.

    A good portion of the installation activities were completed before the new unit arrived on site for final assembly. CPI provided on-site engineering services and support to ensure coordination with the customer and its subcontractors. This approach guaranteed that entire system was installed correctly, returning the customer to fully operational status with minimal downtime.

    Energy Savings and Rebate

    CPI also worked with the customer to participate in an Energy Efficiency Incentive Program with their local natural gas utility. This incentive program offsets some of the up-front costs for investment in cost-effective energy efficiency projects. In this situation the customer was able to demonstrate a significant reduction in natural gas usage by replacing the old catalytic oxidizer with a new, 95% thermally efficient Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO). Not only will the customer recognize a lower operating cost for the facility, they also received a $100,000.00 incentive payment which offset part of the CapEx investment for the project.

    CPI has been “Enabling Clean Production Since 1969” and continues as a leading supplier of air pollution control equipment.  CPI is at the forefront in providing industries including automotive part surface coating facilities with solutions to their air pollution control needs.

    Today, CPI partners with its customers as a trusted resource in resolving the most complex air pollution and energy conservation problems. We provide our customers with innovative and cost-conscious solutions to their most complex VOC, NOx, and Odor pollution challenges. Our equipment is also at work meeting energy conservation strategies and minimizing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


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