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    News and updates about recent projects, orders, and events with Catalytic Products International.

    CPI Installs Catalytic Oxidizer at Mid-Southern Bakery

    CPI Installs 60,000 SCFM RTO at Web Coater

    CPI Installs Baghouse on Thermal Oxidizer at Web Coater

    CPI Installs RTO at Metal Decorator

    CPI Installs RTO at Resin & Surface Coating Manufacturer

    CPI Installs RTO at Western USA Bakery

    CPI Installs RTO at Steel Drum Reconditioning Facility

    CPI Installs Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer at Midwest Flexible Packaging Manufacturer

    CPI Installs Catalytic Oxidizer for Sterilization Process at Medical Products Company

    CPI Installs Catalytic Oxidizer at Midwest Bakery

    CPI Rebuilds Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer at Metal Coil Coater

    Case Study: Animal Feed Manufacturing VOC & Odor Control

    EPA Proposes Reclassifying 7 Areas to Serious in 2019

    Candy Manufacturing - Panning & Polishing VOC Control

    Ethylene Oxide Sterilization - Air Pollution Control Options

    New OSHA Standards for Fixed Ladders Impact Oxidizers

    Case Study: Odor Abatement Solutions

    CPI Installs Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer at Aerospace Fastener Mfg

    CPI Replaces Catalytic Oxidizer with Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer at Bakery

    CPI Installs Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer at Fastener Coater

    CPI Replaces Heat Exchanger at Fiberglass Insulation Mfg

    CPI Replaces Thermal Oxidizer with RTO at Silicone Web Coater

    CPI Installs Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) at a Resin and Molding Compounds Manufacturer

    CPI Exhibits at the 2018 IMDA conference

    CPI attending Texas Environmental Trade Fair and Conference (ETFC)

    Drum Manufacturing and Reconditioning VOC Control

    CPI Installs RTO at Flavoring & Extract Mfg

    CPI Installs RTO at Tire Manufacturer

    Railcar Painting & Surface Coating VOC Control

    CPI Installs RTO at Flavoring Manufacturer

    Flavoring & Fragrance Manufacturing Solutions for VOC and Odor Control

    CPI Installs RTO at Paint and Performance Coatings Mfg

    CPI Replaces CatOx with Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) at Web Coater

    CPI Installs Catalytic Oxidizer at East Coast Bakery

    CPI Installs Catalytic Oxidizer at Pharmaceutical Mfg Company

    CPI Replaces Thermal Recuperative Oxidizer with RTO at Web Coater

    Paint & Coatings Manufacturer Selects CPI RTO

    Rubber Products Mfg & Air Pollution Particulate: Tire-d of the Build Up?

    Oxidizer Maintenance Tips

    It’s Never Too Early to Plan for Shutdown Maintenance

    Chemical Mfg. Plant Avoids Long Term Shut Down with Thermal Oxidizer

    Automotive Parts Supplier Upgrades Thermal Oxidizer

    Managing Your Oxidizer Securely Saves Money

    Be Prepared: Thermal Oxidizer Shut Down

    Air Quality in Northern Illinois - Canadian Wildfires

    Container manufacturer seals the deal with a TRITON RTO

    Maintenance Tips: UV Scanners

    Back to School

    Maintenance Tips: Thermocouples

    Expert Installation Services Soar To New Heights

    Maintenance Tips: Safety First

    Flexographic Printer installs TRITON RTO

    Maintenance Tips: Cleaning Out Sensing Lines

    How Conditions Affect Cookies and Air Pollution Control Solutions

    Customer Testimonial: BE&K Building Group for US Pharmaceutical Install

    Before The Buying Process Begins

    Pharmaceutical Company installs TRITON RTO

    Preventative Tip: Operation and Maintenance Manual Basics

    Maintaining Computer Security: Tips on How to Avoid Getting Hacked

    Are Sweet Memories Really Sweet?

    Why You Should Keep Your Air Pollution Control Technology Up To Date

    Why You Should Get Proactive With Oxidizer Maintenance This Spring

    How to Make a Positive Impact on the Environment This Earth Day

    Optimizing VOC Combustion: A Case Study

    Expert Interview: Providing the Right Oxidizer Air Flow Solutions

    Controlling Fugitive Emissions, Part 3: Temporary Total Enclosure

    Controlling Fugitive Emissions, Part 2: Permanent Total Enclosure

    Controlling Fugitive Emissions, Part 1: Close Capture Hooding

    Expert Interview: Pushing Air Pollution Control Technology Forward

    Expert Interview: CPI’s History of Air Pollution Control Innovation

    Identifying Your Ideal Air Pollution Control Technology, Scenario 3

    Identifying Your Ideal Air Pollution Control Technology, Scenario 2

    Identifying Your Ideal Air Pollution Control Technology, Scenario 1

    What's the Best Air Pollution Control Technology for My Process?

    Expert Interview: The Importance of Customer Education

    Searching for Pizza or Air Pollution Control Equipment

    Using Thermal Oxidizers in Chemical Manufacturing

    Customer Testimonial: GreenMantra Technologies

    The Importance of Oxidizer Maintenance: A Cautionary Tale

    Expert Interview: The Value of Experience in Oxidizer Installations

    In Air Pollution Control, Budgeting Is Not Just About Money

    An Ounce of Prevention: Preventative Maintenance

    Maintenance Tips: Cleaning Your Heat Exchanger

    Understanding Methane Emissions and the Climate Action Plan

    Customer Testimonial: ICL Specialty Fertilizers

    Keeping Your CatOx Running: Catalyst Maintenance, Part 1

    Providing Expertise for Cost-Effective Air Pollution Control Solutions

    Oxidizer Maintenance Tips: Managing Condensates

    Expert Interview: Providing the Right Air Pollution Control Solutions

    How Do I Know Which Oxidizer Is Right for Me?

    An Innovative Ammonia Control Solution

    RTO Media and Maintenance

    Expert Interview: Consulting on Environmental Regulations

    Thinking Outside the Box in Thermal Oxidizer Heat Exchanger Design

    Customer Testimonial: Lithographic Industries

    The Importance of Keeping a Spare Parts Inventory On Hand

    Keeping Your RTO Running: Burner Maintenance

    Customer Testimonial: Advanced Flexible Composites

    Oxidation, what roll does it play in air pollution control?

    What is SCR and When Do I Use it?

    Heat Recovery: What Is It Exactly, and Why Should I Think About It ?

    CatOx - Catalytic Oxidizer General Operating Guidelines

    EPA Regulations: How CPI Can Help You Maintain Continuous Compliance

    Measuring VOC Abatement Air Flow - Tips and Tricks

    What Does a Non-Attainment Designation Mean?

    NFPA Report Examines Explosions in Ovens, Furnaces, and Dryers

    Air Pollution Control Technology Review: Biological Control

    RTO Maintenance Tips

    Building an Oxidizer, Part 3: Compliance Test Readiness

    Air Pollution Control Technology Review: Condensation

    All About Ammonia: Why the EPA Has Concern About Ammonia Emissions

    Planning For an Air Pollution Control Device? 5 Questions to Answer

    Building an Oxidizer, Part 2: Delivery and Installation

    Air Pollution Control Technology Review: Adsorption

    Do I Need a RTO? Part 2: How Does Regenerative Thermal Oxidation Work?

    Air Pollution Control Technology Review: Absorption

    Do I need an RTO? Part 1: What is Regenerative Thermal Oxidation?

    What Is an EPA Title V Permit, and Do I Need One for My Oxidizer?

    How Long Does it Take to Build an Oxidizer? Part 1

    How to qualify for over $100,000 in utility rebates

    Packaging Demand Creates Worldwide Pollution Control Needs

    Is it time for a performance audit?

    Solving some of the world’s greatest challenges

    Does your air pollution control equipment look like this?

    Amazing images! Flir Technology and the EPA Real-Time Enforcement

    Process Equipment - Barriers to On-Time Delivery

    Environmental Briefings for the Converting Industry

    Top Five Compliance Mistakes to avoid!

    Automotive Parts Coater Exceeds Local Air Quality Requirements

    Automotive Manufacturer Chooses the QUADRANT SR Thermal Oxidizer

    Solid Waste Gasification Pollution Abatement

    Landfill Waste Gas Abatement

    Canadian Biofuel Manufacturer requires Air Pollution Control

    Can Coater Chooses the Quadrant SR Thermal Oxidizer

    Flexographic Printer System Repair

    Flexographic Printer chooses the TRITON SERIES Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

    Thermal Oxidizer for the Chemical Industry

    Turnkey Installation for a Custom Coater

    Thermal Oxidizer and the Textiles Industry

    Silicone Converter Succeeds with Custom Air Pollution Control Equipment

    Heat/Web offset printer uses the TRITON Series Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

    Heat Recovery System at a Flooring Manufacturer

    Custom Web Coater Chooses the VECTOR Catalytic Oxidizer

    Biomass Generation Facility Replaces Flare

    Innovative Ammonia Control

    Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers and Midstream Natural Gas Processing

    Oxidizer case histories in the pharmaceutical industry

    Petro-Chemical Processor meets National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants

    Natural Gas Midstream Processing – VOC Abatement Solutions

    QUADRANT SRS Thermal Oxidizer replaces silicone-contaminated system

    Catalytic Products International Replaces RTO with a VECTOR Catalytic Oxidizer

    Pharmaceutical Company Chooses CPI Thermal Oxidizer

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