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    Oxidizer Maintenance Tips

    Keeping your air pollution control equipment properly maintained is essential for meeting regulatory requirements and efficient operation. Here on the CPI blog, we regularly share tips on maintaining your systems.

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    It’s Never Too Early to Plan for Shutdown Maintenance

    As the seasons change, it is time to begin planning for shut-down maintenance of your air pollution control equipment.  There is a delicate balance between scheduled downtime and plant up-time reliability.  Major shutdown work is intended to support maintenance efforts carried out until the next major shutdown, including minor downtime repairs. Many industrial customers will schedule downtime for their operations during the end of year holidays or in the Summer, leading to the service technician calendar getting filled up for both the on-site maintenance teams, as well as the skilled technical experts available from the OEM equipment manufacturers.


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    Measuring VOC Abatement Air Flow - Tips and Tricks

    Accurate measurement of airflow is a key part of properly sizing and selecting a new air pollution control device such as a thermal or catalytic oxidizer. Ongoing maintenance of existing thermal oxidizer’s should also include periodic air flow measurements. Usually, airflow measurement is a straightforward exercise, but special situations sometime occur that require alternatives. In this blog, we'll discuss the basics of airflow measurement and how to handle some problematic conditions.

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